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  • Welcome to the History Department! Our program is one that is based in the past, yet brings forth the relevance of historical events to modern affairs. As a member of our department, you will access your ability to succeed and harness that success into sought-after professional skills.

  • Dr. Chazelle immersed in the mentoring of two exceptional students. Our faculty members are notably invested in the future of their students. Faculty work closely with their students to provide all necessary resources to ensure their success.

  • Dr. Liu deeply engaged in a discussion with her students. In smaller class sizes, you will have an enhanced form of study where you will build personal relationships, with faculty and students, giving you the advantage of creating a network while also delving further into content and extracting meaning.

  • Dr. Jo-Ann Gross and students stand in front of a series of sparkling turquoise lakes, Seven Lakes or Artuch, that stretch out through the Fann Mountains south of Penjikent in Tajikistan during a Study Abroad Maymester.

  • Students gather outside of Princeton Art Museum during an off campus learning experience with Dr. Paces. The department engages students not only through academia, but also through real world experiences to breathe life into the past.

  • The History department works meticulously with the Education department to promote the success of our students. Our future educators graduate with the ability to not only educate, but also bring the past to life while promoting comprehension and captivation.


Second event of the 1989 Global Struggles for Social Justice lecture series

Don’t forget, October 30 is the second event of the 1989 Global Struggles for Social Justice lecture series entitled, A People Uncounted. The film, The Untold Story of the Roma People, will be shown at 7:00 pm in the TCNJ Library Auditorium with remarks by, Dr. Margaret Beissinger, from Princeton University. Hope to see everyone there!

TCNJ Alum returns for the first talk of the 1989 Lecture Series

The first talk of the 1989 Lecture series, commemorating the 25th anniversary of 1989, which was the year the Berlin Wall fell, the Tiananmen Square demonstrations occurred, and Mandela’s release from prison was negotiated, will be on Wednesday, October 15 at 5:30 pm in the TCNJ Library Auditorium. Dr. Jesse Bucher, TCNJ Class of 2004…

Ebola Crisis In West Africa

This Wednesday October 8, there will be a lecture on the Ebola Crisis in West Africa. This lecture will be given by Ambassador Jimmy Kolker, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Hope to see you there at 4:00 pm, in the Education Building room 212!

History Departments Ice Cream Social this Wednesday

Who doesn’t love some ice cream to get you through the day? Wednesday, October 1, at 1:15pm we will have an Ice Cream Social in the Social Science Atrium with students and faculty.  It will be a great time to relax, chat, and eat ice cream! Hope to see everyone there!    

Dr. Carter leading the New Jersey 350th Anniversary Lecture Series

The College of New Jersey’s own, Dr. William Carter will lecture on, “Why We Should Not Celebrate New Jersey’s 350th Birthday: Lenapes, Land, and the Legacy of Colonialism” Thursday, October 2, 2014, at 5:30 pm in the Library auditorium. Hope to see you there!

Depatment Event: Celebrate Dr. Miriam Shakow’s Book

Celberate Dr. Miriam Shakow’s recent book :Along the Bolivian Highway, Social Mobility and Political Culture in a New Middle Class. History and Sociology/ Anthropology Students will participate in a book-readers-meet-author event. Tuesday September 23, 2014, 12:30-2pm, Library Auditorium.

Special Information Sessions for Craft Classes

September 10, Library Auditorium 1:30-2:50; October 1, Atrium 1:15-1:55 ICE CREAM SOCIAL followed by info session in Library Auditorium 2:00-3:00; November 5, Library Auditorium 1:00-2:00 PM

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