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History Departments Ice Cream Social this Wednesday

Who doesn’t love some ice cream to get you through the day? Wednesday, October 1, at 1:15pm we will have an Ice Cream Social in the Social Science Atrium with students and faculty.  It will be a great time to relax, chat, and eat ice cream! Hope to see everyone there!    

Dr. Carter leading the New Jersey 350th Anniversary Lecture Series

The College of New Jersey’s own, Dr. William Carter will lecture on, “Why We Should Not Celebrate New Jersey’s 350th Birthday: Lenapes, Land, and the Legacy of Colonialism” Thursday, October 2, 2014, at 5:30 pm in the Library auditorium. Hope to see you there!

Depatment Event: Celebrate Dr. Miriam Shakow’s Book

Celberate Dr. Miriam Shakow’s recent book :Along the Bolivian Highway, Social Mobility and Political Culture in a New Middle Class. History and Sociology/ Anthropology Students will participate in a book-readers-meet-author event. Tuesday September 23, 2014, 12:30-2pm, Library Auditorium.

Special Information Sessions for Craft Classes

September 10, Library Auditorium 1:30-2:50; October 1, Atrium 1:15-1:55 ICE CREAM SOCIAL followed by info session in Library Auditorium 2:00-3:00; November 5, Library Auditorium 1:00-2:00 PM

Study Abroad Fair 9/10/14


Student Activities Fair 9/3/14


Thursday April 10, 2014 4:00pm: Indigenous Speaker Series- Camilla Townsend, (Rutgers) “Smoking Shield’s Masterpiece: The Life and Work of a 16th-century Mexican Indigenous Historian”

Date: Thursday April 10, 2014 Time: 4:00-5:30 pm Location: Loser Hall  106 Camilla Townsend, Professor at Rutgers University Professor Townsend will speak about her research on histories written in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries by the Nahuas (or Aztecs) in their own language. Spanish friars taught them the Roman alphabet so that they could beContinue Reading

Thursday April 3, 2014 4:00pm: Indigenous Speaker Series- Sinclair Thomson (NYU) “Resplendent Serpent or Monster of Humanity? Tupaj Katari and the Memory of Anticolonial Revolution in the Andes”

Date: Thursday April 3, 2014 Time:  4:00-5:30 pm Location: Loser Hall 106 Sinclair Thomson, Associate Professor of History, NYU “Resplendent Serpent or Monster of Humanity? Tupaj Katari and the Memory of Anticolonial Revolution in the Andes” In 1780, indigenous people in what is now Bolivia rose up against a corrupt colonial government. Native leader TupajContinue Reading

Women’s History Month Speaker- Lillian Faderman

Date: March 19, 2014 Time: 1:00pm Location: Education 115 This week Women Gender Studies and the History Department will host a Women’s History Month speaker who has made a enormous impact on out discipline. Our Women’s History Month Guest Speaker – Lillian Faderman: Finding Our Foremothers: Lesbian Marriage in the 19th and Early 20th Centuries.Continue Reading

Holly Metz Lecture

Date: March 19, 2014 Time: 4:00pm Location: Library Auditorium Alan Dawley Memorial Lecture will be hosting a lecture and book signing by Holly Metz. Ms. Metz will speak on her award-winning book, Killing the Poormaster, a tale of murder, poverty, and corruption in Great Depression Hoboken.

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