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U.S. History Courses for Education Majors

Course Catalog

* Note: All HIS courses fulfill the Social Change in Historical Perspectives requirement.

Gateway Courses
HIS 100 Topics: Ancient/Medieval World
HIS 107 Jews, Christians, and Muslims
HIS 108 Late Antiquity
HIS 109 Ancient Egypt & Neighbors
HIS 111 Rome and the Barbarians
HIS 112 Medieval Society
HIS 113 Medieval Saints and Sinners
HIS 114 Medieval Women
HIS 117 Early Modern Europe
HIS 118 19th Century Europe
HIS 119 Twentieth-Century Europe
HIS 120 Topics: Modern Europe
HIS 130 Topics: Asia/Eurasia/Middle East
HIS 131 Early China
HIS 135 Civilization of India
HIS 138 Lands Below the Winds: SE Asia
HIS 141 Modern Iranian Film and History
HIS 149 History of Russian Film
HIS 150 Topics: Africa/Latin America
HIS 153 Imagining Africa
HIS 158 Colonial Latin America
HIS 161 History of Mexico
HIS 165 Topics: North America/US
HIS 166 N. American Encounters
HIS 167 US Indian-White Relations
HIS 168 America’s Moving Frontier
HIS 169 Colonial America
HIS 173 19th Century US
HIS 176 American Technology
HIS 177 20th Century US
HIS 178 History of New Jersey
HIS 179 African-Americans to 1865
HIS 180 African-Americans 1865 to Present
HIS 181 American Culture
HIS 184 Urban America
HIS 187 Topics: World History
HIS 188 Environmental History
HIS 190 US Race Relations
HIS 195 Western Sexualities
Foundation Courses
HIS 210 Craft of History
HIS 220 World History
HIS 230 Themes in World History
HIS 260 Themes in American History
Lecture and Discussion Courses
HIS 300 Topics: Ancient/Medieval World
HIS 301 Classical Greek Civilization
HIS 302 Hellenistic World
HIS 303 History of the Roman Republic
HIS 304 History of the Roman Empire
HIS 305 Ancient Christianity
HIS 306 History of the Byzantine World
HIS 315 Early Russia to 1584
HIS 316 Topics: Modern Europe
HIS 318 European Expansion
HIS 319 Hapsburgs and Ottomans
HIS 321 History of the World Economy
HIS 322 Europe’s Imperial Era
HIS 323 Eastern Europe since 1939
HIS 324 Women in Eastern Europe 1848-present
HIS 325 Modern Germany
HIS 327 European Society since 1789
HIS 330 Topics: Asia/Eurasia/Middle East
HIS 331 Silk and Religion
HIS 333 Scripture in Context
HIS 334 Modern East Asia
HIS 335 Modern Japan
HIS 336 Late Imperial China
HIS 337 Twentieth Century China
HIS 339 History of Modern India
HIS 341 Islamic History
HIS 342 Modern Middle East
HIS 343 Early Iranian Nomads
HIS 344 Commerce and Exchange of Ideas
HIS 347 Siberia
HIS 348 Imperial Russia, 1584-1917
HIS 349 The Soviet Union, 1917-1991
HIS 350 Topics: Africa\Latin America
HIS 351 Ancient and Medieval Africa
HIS 352 Colonial and Modern Africa
HIS 354 South African History
HIS 355 East African History
HIS 356 State and Slavery in West Africa
HIS 357 Religion and Politics in Africa.
HIS 359 Modern Latin America
HIS 364 History of the Caribbean
HIS 365 Topics: North America/United States
HIS 366 Origins of the US Constitution
HIS 370 US and the World
HIS 372 United States: The Coming of the Civil War
HIS 374 United States: Civil War and Reconstruction
HIS 375 The Old South
HIS 382 United States: 1877-1945
HIS 383 United States since 1945
HIS 384 Women in 20th Century US
HIS 385 Women in the United States to 1900
HIS 386 US Diplomacy, the American Century
HIS 387 Topics: World History
HIS 389 War in Western Society
HIS 397 Gay and Lesbian History
HIS 398 20th Century World History
Specialized and Capstone Courses in History History Education Courses
HIS 391 Independent Study in History
HIS 393 Group Independent Research
HIS 394 Honors Independent Study in History
HIS 399 Internship in History
HIS 450 Reading Seminar in History: Modern Asia
HIS 451 Reading Seminar in History: Early Asia
HIS 452 Reading Seminar in History: Modern Middle East
HIS 453 Reading Seminar in History: Early Middle East
HIS 454 Reading Seminar in History: Modern Eurasia
HIS 455 Reading Seminar in History: Early Eurasia
HIS 456 Reading Seminar in History: Modern Africa
HIS 457 Reading Seminar in History: Early Africa
HIS 458 Reading Seminar in History: Modern Latin America
HIS 459 Reading Seminar in History: Early Latin America
HIS 460 Reading Seminar in History: Modern North America
HIS 461 Reading Seminar in History: Modern Europe
HIS 462 Reading Seminar in History: Early Europe
HIS 463 Reading Seminar in History: Early World
HIS 464 Reading Seminar in History: Modern World
HIS 498 Senior Capstone Research Seminar
USA 101 Introduction to US Studies
USA 102 Introduction to US Studies
USA 301 Core Seminar on Global America
USA 370 US Studies Topic Course
USA 393 Honors Thesis I
USA 394 Honors Thesis II
History Education Courses
HED 390 Methods Teaching Secondary School Social Studies
HED 490 Student Teaching
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