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Faculty Led Programs

Winter Faculty led Programs

African American Women’s History & Global Women Writers in New Orleans

The Women’s and Gender Studies Department will offer two courses taught in New Orleans for the winter session. Students enrolled in the course students will examine the literary expression of global women writers as a means of interrogating the roles of women as colonial and post-colonial subjects through the lens of feminist and post-colonial theory.In addition to archival work, students will explore the worlds of African American women with experiences such as plantation, museum and city tours.

Faculty:Professor Ann Marie Nicolosi and Professor Mary Lynn Hopps
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Summer Faculty Programs

TCNJ Italy – Maymester 2014

In La Cucina Della Nonna (grandmother’s kitchen) class students will study the origins and assimilation of Italian cuisine in American history and culture. Students will explore the relationship between food, culture and gender with special attention to the ways in which Italian American women have been the conduits of Italian culture and cuisine in their roles as mothers and grandmothers.The travel portion of this course will allow you to experience the “push” factor of the migratory process in the “push/pull” historical theory of migration by focusing on the southern Italian and Sicilian regions responsible for the majority of Italian migration to the United States in this era. It will also enable students to understand the ways in which food is transformed, as well as migrants, in the process of acculturation, and for this historical period, the process of “Americanization.’

Program Director: Dr. Ann Marie Nicolosi, Associate Professor of Women’s and Gender Studies and History/Chair, Department of Women’s and Gender Studies

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